Digital Marketing: Giving People What They Want

As a marketing student, I’m interested in the article called 3 Ways to Get What You Want by Giving People What They Want. The purpose of marketers is not only to convince people to buy the products but also let them become unstoppable evangelists. In my opinion, the customers’ loyalty is very important to a brand. If the Brand delivers on a promise, recognizes the customer and shows genuine appreciation for their business, consumer loyalty will naturally follow.The marketers should have a good understanding on customers’ needs and provide what the customers want so that the marketers can make the deal successful.

There are three ways that show how to get there:
1. Choose the most powerful desire
The desire has different degree for different types of people.
2. Satisfy that desire in your headline
The headline connects the products to the customers.
3. How your product’s performance satisfies that desire
These are important to the digital marketing. The one of the most important thing is catch the audiences’ eyes. It refers to understand the customers’ needs and show what they most need in the headline that to get their attention. For the marketers, the higher degree of desire they chosen the more attention they get. Then, show the product’s performance satisfies the desire in the context and let the customers know more about the product.

Besides, to have a good understanding on what the customers want from the brand is important. Here is a link that shows the ways to find out what customers really want and here is a link that lists what the customers want most from the brand such as creativity and honesty.

In my opinion, to know what the customers need plays a key role in the marketing. The marketer should listen the customers first and communicate with them. Personally, to satisfy the customers’ needs and get their loyalty is one of the ultimate purposes for a brand.



International Business: Learning Journal 2

In the past two weeks, we had class activities and a quiz which includes chapter 4 and 5. I like the class activities very much because it was interesting. It is a negotiation. Two teams represent two companies with different culture. We must sell product to other company with our ideal price. We should have a good understanding with their culture that helps us make the deal successful. I think the most interesting thing is the culture such as less eye touch. In my opinion, people talk to someone must look at each other and it means the people are rude with less eye touch when they have communication with others. The negotiation is useful because it applying the theory to the practice. It aims to help us have good understanding with our study.
After the negotiation, we discussed the different business culture in different countries. For my group, we choose the Chinese business culture. Chinese business culture is complicated. For example, some agreements between two companies are agreed on the dinner table. A Chinese girl from other group talked about the Chinese business culture very detailed in the class. If I want to do business with a businessman who comes from China, there are some rules I have to know during the dinner:
 He should in the ‘seat of honour’.
 I can’t eat before he eats.
 I can’t stand up when I out of reach the food.
 Can’t say NO if he want to drink with me.
 My glasses should under his/her glasses when you click glasses.
 I should pay for this dinner.

Then, we had the second quiz in week four. It became easier for me. I like the International Business more and more because it is interesting and useful for my future career.

BSNS7373 Digital Marketing: Tips to make the blog better

I choose the article which is 26 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Profiles by Debbie Hemley. I choose this article because it is useful to us to build the social media profiles better. It aims to make the impact of the social media maximize and attract more viewers. I am the people who don’t use the social media to promote myself. I need some advices and useful tips that help me when I start to use the blog.

There are 3 tips that I think really useful to me,

1)        Keep your focus on perfect blog post title.

Title is the guide for the article. It makes the first impression to the readers. A good blog post title attracts more readers’ attention to the blog. The good impression leads the readers to read the blog continually. Here is an article that about how to write a good blog post title.

2)       Nurture your blog post with title that match content.

Apart from the blog post title, the content is the other important part of the blog. The good blog post title lead the readers have expectation for the blog. The content must match the title that to satisfy the readers. Good content is the essential of the blog.

3)       Adhere to image sizing requirements on social networks.

Edit and beautify the website is another method that to attract readers. The beautiful webpage makes readers comfortable. The suitable size of the photos makes the blog looks nice. It’s a tutorial blog that related to beautify the blog.



In addition, how to promote the blog is very important after finish the blog. Promoting your wordpress blog is a web page that teaches how to promote the blog.




International business: Learning Journal (1)

The second week we had the first quiz. Have a quiz before the class is a fresh study method for me. It is required to read the chapter by myself. The quiz is not difficult, but I still have some problems. Actually, it is hard for me to read the text book and slides. I have to spend much time to understand the chapters. During the quiz, the questions are easy but some choices are confused for me. I think the reason is I didn’t have good understanding on everything in the chapters such as the common law and civil law. In addition, I didn’t catch the point of each chapter. After the first quiz, I need improve my learning method and prepare the quiz better next time.

 After the quiz, we seat by group and discuss the quiz. I like my group because the members are nice and easy going. The most important thing is the opinion of each member can be listened. At first I had no confident to share my opinion with my group members. I was afraid to make mistakes. However, everyone share and listening in this group. When they accepted my opinion, I got huge confident. I really enjoy discussing the quiz with my group member although I don’t have much good ideas. Moreover, the group members are patient to me because my English is not very well.

 After the group discussion, we had the debate. Some student had different opinion and had debate on these opinions. I think it’s good because all of the study based on the students’ motivation. The debate arouses students and help the students have good understanding on all of the knowledge.

 I like this kind of study method. Quiz pushes me to study before the class because I want to have good mark on the quiz. I have deeper understanding during the group discussion. And this method can help us save time as well.

 Hope that I can do better on next quiz.