International business: Learning Journal (1)

The second week we had the first quiz. Have a quiz before the class is a fresh study method for me. It is required to read the chapter by myself. The quiz is not difficult, but I still have some problems. Actually, it is hard for me to read the text book and slides. I have to spend much time to understand the chapters. During the quiz, the questions are easy but some choices are confused for me. I think the reason is I didn’t have good understanding on everything in the chapters such as the common law and civil law. In addition, I didn’t catch the point of each chapter. After the first quiz, I need improve my learning method and prepare the quiz better next time.

 After the quiz, we seat by group and discuss the quiz. I like my group because the members are nice and easy going. The most important thing is the opinion of each member can be listened. At first I had no confident to share my opinion with my group members. I was afraid to make mistakes. However, everyone share and listening in this group. When they accepted my opinion, I got huge confident. I really enjoy discussing the quiz with my group member although I don’t have much good ideas. Moreover, the group members are patient to me because my English is not very well.

 After the group discussion, we had the debate. Some student had different opinion and had debate on these opinions. I think it’s good because all of the study based on the students’ motivation. The debate arouses students and help the students have good understanding on all of the knowledge.

 I like this kind of study method. Quiz pushes me to study before the class because I want to have good mark on the quiz. I have deeper understanding during the group discussion. And this method can help us save time as well.

 Hope that I can do better on next quiz.


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