BSNS7373 Digital Marketing: Tips to make the blog better

I choose the article which is 26 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Profiles by Debbie Hemley. I choose this article because it is useful to us to build the social media profiles better. It aims to make the impact of the social media maximize and attract more viewers. I am the people who don’t use the social media to promote myself. I need some advices and useful tips that help me when I start to use the blog.

There are 3 tips that I think really useful to me,

1)        Keep your focus on perfect blog post title.

Title is the guide for the article. It makes the first impression to the readers. A good blog post title attracts more readers’ attention to the blog. The good impression leads the readers to read the blog continually. Here is an article that about how to write a good blog post title.

2)       Nurture your blog post with title that match content.

Apart from the blog post title, the content is the other important part of the blog. The good blog post title lead the readers have expectation for the blog. The content must match the title that to satisfy the readers. Good content is the essential of the blog.

3)       Adhere to image sizing requirements on social networks.

Edit and beautify the website is another method that to attract readers. The beautiful webpage makes readers comfortable. The suitable size of the photos makes the blog looks nice. It’s a tutorial blog that related to beautify the blog.



In addition, how to promote the blog is very important after finish the blog. Promoting your wordpress blog is a web page that teaches how to promote the blog.





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