International Business: Learning Journal 2

In the past two weeks, we had class activities and a quiz which includes chapter 4 and 5. I like the class activities very much because it was interesting. It is a negotiation. Two teams represent two companies with different culture. We must sell product to other company with our ideal price. We should have a good understanding with their culture that helps us make the deal successful. I think the most interesting thing is the culture such as less eye touch. In my opinion, people talk to someone must look at each other and it means the people are rude with less eye touch when they have communication with others. The negotiation is useful because it applying the theory to the practice. It aims to help us have good understanding with our study.
After the negotiation, we discussed the different business culture in different countries. For my group, we choose the Chinese business culture. Chinese business culture is complicated. For example, some agreements between two companies are agreed on the dinner table. A Chinese girl from other group talked about the Chinese business culture very detailed in the class. If I want to do business with a businessman who comes from China, there are some rules I have to know during the dinner:
 He should in the ‘seat of honour’.
 I can’t eat before he eats.
 I can’t stand up when I out of reach the food.
 Can’t say NO if he want to drink with me.
 My glasses should under his/her glasses when you click glasses.
 I should pay for this dinner.

Then, we had the second quiz in week four. It became easier for me. I like the International Business more and more because it is interesting and useful for my future career.


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