Digital Marketing(3): Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Personal Brand

Nowadays, based on the development of the network media, people more and more focus on the self-awareness and the personal brand has become the one of the most major trends in the society. The internet has many competitive advantages than traditional media such as individuality. The website provides several ways to promote the personal brand. However, how to promote your personal brand effectively is very important. There are three strategies that to teach you how to boost your personal brand. You can promote your personal brand and business at the same time that can help you to save your money and time. The strategies are video, blogging and social media.

Good video is a direct and vivid method that to attract customers. Audiences can get the brand information via the voice and picture. In addition, the voice has more impact than the information which written on the screen. However, how to promote the personal brand through video successful is a problem. Here is a list that shows the tips that to promote the personal brand through video.

Blogging is another effective way to promote the personal brand. It is a new and easy way to promote the brand. It is a method that let the customers know you better and deeper. Having a blog is a great business strategy to promote the personal brand and business.
Here are few things to know that how to build your personal brand through your blog.

Social media is another way to promote your personal brand. In the context of the new media era, the social media is more and more important in business promotion strategies. This promotion strategy can help you to get more attention from potential and existing audiences. This strategy is to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate with customers and to promote your personal brand. Here is a link that shows how to make your personal brand visible with social media.


International Business: learning Journal 3

In these two weeks, we focused on the study that is investing abroad. Personally, I am very interested in the FDI in China as a country which rich in resources such as labour. At recent, China is the one of the developing countries that has the larges FDI inflow. As the FDI increased, the economy in China has improved as well. The FDI effects China not only with benefit but also with negative influence. The increased of FDI reflects the waste of capital in China and the national welfare loss as well. However,the FDI inflow is still important to the local government to improve the economic. In addition, the FDI outflow is important as well. As one of the largest home appliance manufacture in the world,Haier became a foreign direct investors since it built factories in India,Indonesia and Iran. Then, it built factory in America. It is weird. As we know, the one of the competitive advantages in China is the cheap labour force. However, Haier built the factory in America which has higher wage level than China. The benefit that Haier gains from the factory in America is:
1. Reduce the cost of transportation
2. Reduce the transit time
3. Attract the American by ‘made in USA’.
In addition, the factory can bring other intangible benefit.
People have different opinion on FDI. It brings not only benefit but also cost to the countries.

Moreover, we learned the chapter 8 which is the capitalizing on global and regional integration. This chapter includes some agreements that hard to remember. That is one of the reasons that I didn’t feel very good on the quiz. However, as the global economic integration, to have a good understanding on these agreements is important to the international business.