Digital Marketing 6: How to Write Interesting Content for a Boring Topic

The article ’How to Write Interesting Content for a Boring Topic ’ is aim to make the content interesting that to attract more people.

Firstly, there are no boring topics, only boring content creators. Spend time on what would make people interesting to the topics. There are no necessary to provide a great deal of though and only ask the traditional questions include who, what, when, where, why and how.

Find the questions that your audience is asking. To find out what people want to know about the products such as search on the website. People has questions on the product and the business can provide the solution on the own website that attract more audience.

The brainstorming can help the content campaign successful. If the questions interesting to yourself that will interesting to your audience.

Here is a link that shows how to write a good content. The good content needs to be useful and unique to your readers. The useful content includes entertainment, education, information, debate news and community.In addition, the content should based on the customers. Find out what the customers want and provide it in the content. It can be collected from the feedback of the readers.

is a link that talking about how to find target audience wants and create content. There are seven resources that to find out what your target audience wants.
1. Competitors’ forums
3. Surveys
4. Keyword research-trends, related & Adwords tools
5. The social net works
6. Product forums, a,s,a support
7. eCommerce

It is another link that shows how to write about what your audience finds interesting.



International Business: Learning journal 6

This is the last journal for the International Business. The reflection journal is very useful to me. It helps me review what I have learned before and enhance the knowledge in my mind. On the other hand, it makes me have deeper understanding on the knowledge.

In the past two weeks, we learned a case study and the chapter 14. Firstly, we learned the case study about Sun Life Financial expended into Chinese market. It is very useful that shows a company into a foreign country. In addition, the final assignment is related with the market entry which means this case study is useful for the assignment as well. We discussed this case study with team member. It is helpful for us to have a good understanding on the case.

Moreover, we learned the chapter 14 which is based on corporate social responsibility. It include the shareholders which is the core of the CSR. The firms must have responsible to the workers, consumers, environment and other elements. Based on the environment, we watched some video that showed what the firms did to the environment.

Finally, we discussed the final assignment which about the market entry. I am going to choose Malaysia as the market. As a company with rich resource and cheaper labour force, Malaysia has competitive advantage than other counties. It keeps the industrial restructuring into manufactory, electronics industry and building industry. As a educational software development company, Nonscholus has opportunities and strength in Malaysia. The main manufactory is electronics industry which is suitable to the software. The final assignment is a big assignment. I have to analysis a lot of things that the company has to consider before entry the markets. This assignment is just like a conclusion of International Business.

I have learned much in this class and it is a really good experience.

International Business: Learning Journal 5

In the past week, we had the quiz based on chapter 10 and 11. Chapter 10 is based on entering foreign markets and I am really interested in this Chapter. There are three question that when decide to enter into foreign markets: Where, When and How to enter. There is an inherent disadvantage of foreign company is the non-native statues. The foreign company has lack on culture of the host country and the relationship with government. It is the weakness of the foreign company. In addition, the foreign company has liability in the host country such as customers support local firms. The foreign firms should have much knowledge on the culture of host country, which helps the firms against failure to recognize the different cultures between countries.

Secondly, we had a case study based on market entry. It about Sun Life Financial entered to China. Sun Life Financial is the one of the largest insurance and assets management companies in the world. In 1999, Sun Life Financial got the license from Chinese government and entered into Chinese market. Sun Life Financial signed a agreement and cooperated with China Everbright Group. China Everbright Group is a state-owned firm. As a Sino-Canadian joint venture, the firm promotes the communication between two countries. It is a platform that enhances the relationship between China and Canada. In this case study, it includes the history of Sun Life Financial in China and analysis the Chinese insurance. In addition, it mentions the strategies that Sun Life Financial used as well. This case study is helpful for us to do the final assignment which is based on market entry.

We got the mid-term report in last week. I think has a report during the semester is better for students to manage their study. It helps students recognize the weakness on study and reinforce the future study.

Digital Marketing (5): Sell products and services on Facebook

As the development of social media, the social network is not only a connection with people but also an useful way to make people’s life easier. Shopping online becomes more and more popular in people’s daily life.
Nowadays, Facebook is one of the main social networks in the world. However, Facebook is not only for connect with friends anymore. More and more People use it to sell products and service. However, to know how to use Facebook to sell products and services successful is important.

Firstly, you should create a Facebook page and not a Facebook Profile. What’s the different between these two things? A Facebook page is a business account on Facebook. Unlike the Facebook profile which is two way communication, the Facebook page is only one way communication. The person who likes the page can see your news on their news feed and you can’t see theirs. On the profile, you can talk about your business as it relates to your personally. However, you can’t ask people spend money. In addition, the page can consists your special, posting tips and other fun content that attract people.

Secondly, promote products with your Timeline Cover Photo. It should include a link of the products that people who like your products can click it directly. Here is a link that shows how to create timeline cover photo.

Finally, share the link in the Facebook. Make it easy to your customers is important. The information, link and photos should keep updating that appear on people’s news feed that get more attention from users.

Here is another link that shows how to sell products via Facebook.


Digital Marketing: Instagram

What is Instagram? Instagram is a photo-sharing platform and it has 150million users. It is an interesting platform that allows users to capture their life in any environment. In addition, Instagram has a lot of social elements such as connect with friends, reply and sharing. Put simply, it is a free photo app. Moreover, it is a social net work as well. It not only can take photos but also apply photo filters. The filter is the most unusual feature of Instagram. It makes the pictures more beautiful. As we know, some social medias such as Facebook and Youtube is not allowed in China. As a Chinese, the one of the most improtant reasons that I like Instagram because it is a social media that I can connect with people from other countries.

Here is an Instagram user share why she likes this platform. The 60% of Instagram users live outside the USA. It means the platform is popular in the world. As a user of Instagram, I think it is a very good platform that share pictures with others. I can see the pictures of strangers and I can get “like” from strangers as well. This platform connects me with others not only friends but also strangers. We can see others’ life through Instagram and know each other better.

Nowadays, Instagram as a growing business has grow to a global community and has more than 150 million users capturing and sharing the world’s moments. The mian idea in the future for Instagram is to build it as a sustainable business. Instagram replying on users and help the platform improve itself continually.

For a new user, Instagram has some difference between other social medias. It is probably hard for a new user to use it.
Here is a link that teaches how to use Instagram.

International Business: Learning Journal 4

The study break is over. In the past weeks, we had the quiz which is based on chaper 7. Before the quiz, we had a guest speaker to teach us about the exchange rate. It is useful. When I was in China, I totally don’t what is the exchange rate. However, I have to face it now because the different between Chinese Yuan and New Zealand dollar. I am interested in the exchange rate because it is close to my life. We don’t have questions about the exchange rate in the quiz which means is easier to me. I am not good at calculation. The quiz was not difficult. However, I did it not very well.

Before the study break, we had the big debate which is the one of the most important things in the past weeks. It is based on group working. I am not very confident on it because I am afraid to communicate with others. Especially, I am a new member in the group. I was not speaker but I think find more useful information is important for the debate as well. Three of the members’ work is to answer the questions. I was very nerves to answer the questions because I am afraid I cant’ t understand what the question means.

I think the most difficult part of the debate is we don’t know which topic will we choose and which side will we debate. We have to prepare all of the topics and have a good understand of each topic. Finally, our topic is the AANZFTA and other regional economic integration activities are good for New Zealand. After did the research, I believe these activities are good for New Zealand. Some people think they have negative influence. However, everything has two sides. We can’t ignore the activities helps New Zealand to develop and create more opportunities to introduce the business into the world.