Digital Marketing: Instagram

What is Instagram? Instagram is a photo-sharing platform and it has 150million users. It is an interesting platform that allows users to capture their life in any environment. In addition, Instagram has a lot of social elements such as connect with friends, reply and sharing. Put simply, it is a free photo app. Moreover, it is a social net work as well. It not only can take photos but also apply photo filters. The filter is the most unusual feature of Instagram. It makes the pictures more beautiful. As we know, some social medias such as Facebook and Youtube is not allowed in China. As a Chinese, the one of the most improtant reasons that I like Instagram because it is a social media that I can connect with people from other countries.

Here is an Instagram user share why she likes this platform. The 60% of Instagram users live outside the USA. It means the platform is popular in the world. As a user of Instagram, I think it is a very good platform that share pictures with others. I can see the pictures of strangers and I can get “like” from strangers as well. This platform connects me with others not only friends but also strangers. We can see others’ life through Instagram and know each other better.

Nowadays, Instagram as a growing business has grow to a global community and has more than 150 million users capturing and sharing the world’s moments. The mian idea in the future for Instagram is to build it as a sustainable business. Instagram replying on users and help the platform improve itself continually.

For a new user, Instagram has some difference between other social medias. It is probably hard for a new user to use it.
Here is a link that teaches how to use Instagram.


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