International Business: Learning Journal 4

The study break is over. In the past weeks, we had the quiz which is based on chaper 7. Before the quiz, we had a guest speaker to teach us about the exchange rate. It is useful. When I was in China, I totally don’t what is the exchange rate. However, I have to face it now because the different between Chinese Yuan and New Zealand dollar. I am interested in the exchange rate because it is close to my life. We don’t have questions about the exchange rate in the quiz which means is easier to me. I am not good at calculation. The quiz was not difficult. However, I did it not very well.

Before the study break, we had the big debate which is the one of the most important things in the past weeks. It is based on group working. I am not very confident on it because I am afraid to communicate with others. Especially, I am a new member in the group. I was not speaker but I think find more useful information is important for the debate as well. Three of the members’ work is to answer the questions. I was very nerves to answer the questions because I am afraid I cant’ t understand what the question means.

I think the most difficult part of the debate is we don’t know which topic will we choose and which side will we debate. We have to prepare all of the topics and have a good understand of each topic. Finally, our topic is the AANZFTA and other regional economic integration activities are good for New Zealand. After did the research, I believe these activities are good for New Zealand. Some people think they have negative influence. However, everything has two sides. We can’t ignore the activities helps New Zealand to develop and create more opportunities to introduce the business into the world.


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