Digital Marketing (5): Sell products and services on Facebook

As the development of social media, the social network is not only a connection with people but also an useful way to make people’s life easier. Shopping online becomes more and more popular in people’s daily life.
Nowadays, Facebook is one of the main social networks in the world. However, Facebook is not only for connect with friends anymore. More and more People use it to sell products and service. However, to know how to use Facebook to sell products and services successful is important.

Firstly, you should create a Facebook page and not a Facebook Profile. What’s the different between these two things? A Facebook page is a business account on Facebook. Unlike the Facebook profile which is two way communication, the Facebook page is only one way communication. The person who likes the page can see your news on their news feed and you can’t see theirs. On the profile, you can talk about your business as it relates to your personally. However, you can’t ask people spend money. In addition, the page can consists your special, posting tips and other fun content that attract people.

Secondly, promote products with your Timeline Cover Photo. It should include a link of the products that people who like your products can click it directly. Here is a link that shows how to create timeline cover photo.

Finally, share the link in the Facebook. Make it easy to your customers is important. The information, link and photos should keep updating that appear on people’s news feed that get more attention from users.

Here is another link that shows how to sell products via Facebook.



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