International Business: Learning journal 6

This is the last journal for the International Business. The reflection journal is very useful to me. It helps me review what I have learned before and enhance the knowledge in my mind. On the other hand, it makes me have deeper understanding on the knowledge.

In the past two weeks, we learned a case study and the chapter 14. Firstly, we learned the case study about Sun Life Financial expended into Chinese market. It is very useful that shows a company into a foreign country. In addition, the final assignment is related with the market entry which means this case study is useful for the assignment as well. We discussed this case study with team member. It is helpful for us to have a good understanding on the case.

Moreover, we learned the chapter 14 which is based on corporate social responsibility. It include the shareholders which is the core of the CSR. The firms must have responsible to the workers, consumers, environment and other elements. Based on the environment, we watched some video that showed what the firms did to the environment.

Finally, we discussed the final assignment which about the market entry. I am going to choose Malaysia as the market. As a company with rich resource and cheaper labour force, Malaysia has competitive advantage than other counties. It keeps the industrial restructuring into manufactory, electronics industry and building industry. As a educational software development company, Nonscholus has opportunities and strength in Malaysia. The main manufactory is electronics industry which is suitable to the software. The final assignment is a big assignment. I have to analysis a lot of things that the company has to consider before entry the markets. This assignment is just like a conclusion of International Business.

I have learned much in this class and it is a really good experience.


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